January 30, 2020 @ 7:30 pm
Manhattan, Eighth Church of Christ, Scientist
103 E 77th St
New York, NY 10075
212 535 2670

Phillip Hockley will discuss how a clearer view of God
will improve your well-being


view of god


A clear view of God offers freedom from whatever challenges we face in life.

Phillip will talk about Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered this new view of God and articulated it in her book, Science and Health. 

He’ll share how her discovery of God’s true nature is still relevant to our lives today because of what it reveals about God’s great love for each of us and its powerful, life-transforming effects.



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Phillip Hockley, CS was severely injured in the early 1990s and several years later was regsitered as “physically handicapped” with no hope of recovery. But that set him on a path investigating every alternative and spiritual method he could find. While attending a Christian Science lecture, he was completely healed of all his health problems. He now is a Christian Science practitioner and helps others find healing through turning to God. He makes his home in St. Louis, Missouri.