April 19, 2018 @ 5:30 pm
New Haven, First Church of Christ, Scientist
950 Chapel St
New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 787-0829

Leide Lessa will talk about the spiritual foundation
to making good decisions.


Christian Science lecture, Leide Lessa, how to make good decsions, spiritual decision makingThink of all the little decisions you make in a single day. Sometimes we make good decisions and sometimes we don’t.

Then there are the important choices we must make that shape our lives: where to live, where to go to school, what job to take, whom to marry. It’s not always easy to decide.

Leide will talk about a spiritual, metaphysical, God-centered approach to making choices that gets you off on the right foot and gives you a firm foundation for making good decisions.




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Leide Lessa, CSB, lectures internationally on spirituality and healing in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. She has lived in five countries and visited over 30. She has studied and taught many languages over the years. In 1998 she devoted her life to the healing ministry as a Christian Science Practitioner.  She teaches a yearly class on healing. Originally from Brazil, Leide now lives in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA.

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