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5thChurch_frnt-closeupThe NYC tri-state area is home to dozens of Christian Science churches—from the Upper West Side to Morristown, NJ. And every Christian Science church has a Reading Room—a public space where visitors can read, listen to, or buy, Christian Science books, magazines, and more.

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(Things You Always Wanted to Know but Didn't Know Who to Ask)


Q: Sooo. . .what is Christian Science?

A: Christian Science is the system of spiritual healing based on the laws of God found in the Bible.

Q: Do Christian Scientists believe in Jesus?

A: Yes. Christ Jesus is the most amazing person to ever walk the earth. His life and teachings are the foundation of our church.

But Jesus is not just a good man. He is the Son of God, the promised Messiah. He came to save us from the materialism of the world . . . Read More . . .


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