• Visit a Christian Science Reading Room where you can read, borrow, or buy Christian Science literature. The reading room attendant can help you find what you most need. Click on the Reading Rooms tab at the top of this page to find one near you. (Left: Fifth Church’s Reading Room on E. 44th St.)
  • Read the Christian Science textbookScience and Health with Key to the Scriptures—at your local Reading Room or on the Read-Online webpage (you can listen to it, too). Or order your own book.
  • Subscribe to the Christian Science periodicals at JSH-Online: Christian Science Sentinel (weekly); The Christian Science Journal (monthly); The Herald of Christian Science (monthly in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish; plus ten other languages online).
  • Go to a public lecture sponsored by a local church. See listings in the Events tab on this website or phone (212) 986-5126.
  • Study the weekly Bible Lesson published in the Christian Science Quarterly. Find it at a reading room or access the digital version at eBibleLesson. Or try the kid-friendly version, myBibleLesson, that features notes, maps. . .even cartoons.
  • Attend a Christian Science church service in your vicinity. There are testimony meetings on Wednesday nights where everyone is welcome to share healings big and small. To find a church near you, use the listings on this website or the church directory.
  • Tune in to Spanish Radio program: El Heraldo de la Ciencia Cristiana (en Español), los sábados a 9:00 am en WADO 1280 AM Radio.


If you need information not listed, telephone the Tri-State Jointly-Maintained Christian Science Reading Room at (212) 587-9530 or send us an e-mail.