Discover the Healing Power of Prayer

Are you looking for some inspiration and spiritual insights during the week?

Guests share how God has guided, protected, and healed them in all kinds of situations. If you’re looking for healing in your life, the Sentinel Watch Podcast is for you.

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  • Teen Connect: deals with issues important to young adults
  • A testimony of healing
  • Daily Lift Podcast (usually less than 5 minutes)

Here’s the program available by phone:  (332) 255-6789

January 30 – February 5  What’s my purpose?  Guests: Emmanuel Tekila, Nate Frederick
February 6 – 12  The naturalness of spiritual healing Guest: Virginia Hawks


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January 30 – February 5  Tackling inequality  Guest: Mark Sappenfield
February 6 – 12   Law and order  Guest: Kevin Ness


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Tony Lobl—Christian Science practitioner, writer, and speaker—hosting the Sentinel Watch program from London, England.